Grow your business
with HorseGlobe PRO

If you specialise in:

horse rental


parking for vans


overnight rest stops for horses

post your top trails with photos on HorseGlobe to meet new customers.

Functions dedicated to professionals on the HorseGlobe app

Your details are always featured so members can contact you directly to make a reservation with no hidden fees.

HorseGlobe helps your customers stay safe

Never get lost

Your customers touch the ‘LOST’ icon to retrace their steps and find their way back to you, even offline. You can allow trusted customers to ride out safely on their own.


By touching the ‘SOS icon, your customers can send you a ‘HELP’ message with their GPS location (phone signal required).

Never Stray

A beeping noise will alert your customers if they stray 50 meters from your planned route, even offline.

Give it a try in 3 easy steps:

1. Download HorseGlobe on the App Store or on Google Play 
2. Select the services you offer to become a PRO: 'horse rental' or 'overnight rest stops’
3. Saddle-up a and start recording to show your most beautiful trails!

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