Record, share and let other passionate riders guide you on the trails!


Explore and discover new trails near you... or anywhere!

More than 100,000 miles recorded and shared in 50 countries!

“Great app to trace our most beautiful trails and share them with other riders who enjoy exploring.”
Karine J.


Pick a destination - near you or anywhere - and let other riders guide you on the trails.

HorseGlobe guides you and only beeps if you stray 50 meters from your route.

Touch the LOST icon to retrace your steps and make it back safely to your starting point.


Saddle-up, grab your smartphone, touch RECORD and hit the road.

Once you’re done, share your trail and the photos you took along the way with other passionate riders.

NEW: Track your progress on the heat map and share your performance with your friends on Facebook.


Take on a new challenge?

With HorseGlobe, track your progress and rise to your own challenge!

Improve while you train with HorseGlobe

Enjoy and have more fun

Your data is displayed immediately:

  • heat map with 3 gaits
  • average and maximum speed
  • positive and negative elevation
  • your training history
  • chrono to get ranked
Improve by comparing with HorseGlobe

Compare and improve!

Pick up any trail and start comparing and even contesting other rider’s chrono.
With HorseGlobe, improving is more fun :-)

Do you know Pompadour in France? The famous Marquise, her castle and racecourse?

I was riding Cloud - my favorite horse - and thought : “How can I easily share my trail with other riders?"

In 2016, I started working on the app and today we are thousands of riders who share their passion for horses and nature on HorseGlobe.

Together, we’ve already shared more than 100,000 miles in 50 countries!

Thank you for sharing your trails on HorseGlobe.

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Cindy M. P.

“What a great initiative!!! It's fantastic while trailing in the forest: I never get lost. When I raised a question to the support team about the app, I was instantly assisted ;-) I urge all riders to download HorseGlobe.”

Karine J.

“Great app to trace our most beautiful trails and share them with other riders who enjoy exploring.”

Léna R.

“I tested the SPORT mode and it's really GREAT! I find it amazing to analyse my heat map with gaits as well as average and maximum speed!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does HorseGlobe cost?

Guest: Be our guest for free! Discover HorseGlobe’s functionalities by recording 2 trails and downloading 2 other trails from our catalog.
Member: Become a Member for €4.49 / year (US$ 3.99 / year) and enjoy an unlimited access to HorseGlobe

How do I setup my smartphone?

Iphone & Android users will find their settings on the following link.

Do I need a phone signal to record or be guided on the trails?

HorseGlobe guides you and enables you to record your trail even offline.

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