Our mission

HorseGlobe is an incredible community of riders

HorseGlobe is a mobile app that helps riders record and share their trails and trainings on their smartphone.

Thanks to our incredible community of riders, with HorseGlobe, you can ride on your own, but you never feel alone.

Our values

HorseGlobe is borne of a simple love for horses and riding. We’re honest about what we do and treat everyone with respect.

We welcome members from all backgrounds and embrace feedback from the whole horsey community.

We’re eco-friendly and believe in preserving our beautiful countryside for future generations of riders.

Our story

HorseGlobe was conceived in 2016 on the hoof – quite literally in fact, swaying in the saddle, trailing through the fields of Pompadour in central France.

And Pompadour, as it happens, was the perfect place to start HorseGlobe: a centuries-old home of horses, with a celebrated tradition of horse-breeding.

As we realised there were no apps to guide horse riders on the trails, we decided to put our hearts and our brains in this project and are now proud to present HorseGlobe.

We hope you will enjoy recording, sharing and exploring new trails as much as we do.

Explore - Share - Improve
- Your buddies at HorseGlobe