Stay connected
through your trails


HorseGlobe connects riders
through the trails they share

HorseGlobe was conceived in 2016 on the hoof, trailing through the fields of Pompadour in central France.

The question we asked ourselves was how could we record and share our trails with other horse riders.
As we realised there were no apps to guide horse riders on the trails, we decided to put our hearts and our brains in this project and are now proud to present HorseGlobe.

We hope you will enjoy recording, sharing and exploring new trails as much as we do.

- Your buddies at HorseGlobe

Start by recording

Saddle-up, grab your smartphone, touch the ‘RECORD’ icon and hit the road. Once you’re done, name your trail, describe it and rate it - easy, moderate or hard. Add some of the photos that you took along the way.

Share your adventure

HorseGlobe riders discover amazing places: so post your trail and check the feedback from fellow riders.

Explore new trails

Pick a destination ‘around you’ or ‘near an address’ anywhere in the world and let other riders guide you on the trails.

Filter your results

Narrow your search by rating, difficulty, landscape or round-trip. Choose a PRO who specialises in horse rental or overnight rest stops for your horse.

Also for carriage enthusiasts

Touch the ‘carriage’ slider to show trails that were recorded on horse-drawn carriages.

Giddy up and go

Shortlist and store trails in your favorites. When it’s time to set off, just tap ‘RIDE THIS TRAIL’ and hit the road. HorseGlobe guides you even offline so you’ll stay on course without any phone signal. When you reach the end, rate the trail and the difficulty for the next riders.

The confidence to explore safely

All our trails are recorded live in the saddle, so you can be sure every step is horse-proof. We don’t feature trails from home based computer drawings or other sources.

Never Get Lost

Touch the ‘LOST’ icon to retrace your steps back to your starting point.


Touch the SOS icon to send a ‘HELP’ message with your GPS location (phone signal required).

Never Stray

A beeping noise sounds if you stray 50 meters from your route.